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GK Questions & Answers in Hindi PDF Download For SSC Railway 501 to 564

GK Questions & Answers in Hindi PDF Download For SSC Railway 501 to 564
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501.       What is the name of India’s first indigenously built aircraft?
A.  Vikrant
B.  Shakti
C.   Vayu
D.  Virat

502.       Which International body has launched the initiative of End Violence Against Children?

A.  World Bank
D.  Street Kids International

503.       Who is the director of the National School of Drama?
A.  Satish Alekar
B.  Waman Kendre
C.   Shyam Benegal
D.  Girish Kendre

504.       Which state is associated with GI protected “Kaipad Rice”?
A.  Goa
B.  Tamil Nadu
C.   Kerala
D.  Maharashtra

505.       Which among the following companies is not related to Telecommunications?

A.  AT&T

B.  Verizon
C.  ExxonMobil
D.  None of the above

506.       Which country has the world’s largest standing army?
A.  India
B.  China
C.  Russia
D.  United States of America

507.       Which country has given asylum to US Intelligence leaker Edward Snowden?

A.  France
B.  Italy
C.  Russia
D.  Ukraine
508.       With which country has India

signed a 50 crore deal for supplying 126 Rafale combat aircraft?
B.  Russia
C.  France
D.  England

509.        What is the term ‘Fire Ice’ used for?

A.  Tight gas
B.  Oil shale
C.  Methane hydrates
D.  Solid carbon dioxides

510.       Who is the current president of Pakistan?
A.  Nawaz Sharif
B.  Mamnon Hussain
C.  Raza Rabbani
D.  Sikander Mirza

511.       Which country is referred as “Pearl of the Antilles”?
A.  Bahamas
B.  Haiti
C.   Cuba
D.  Barbados

512.       When is the “Indian Electrical Equipment Industry Mission Plan” planned to be completed?

A.  2016
B.  2019
C.   2020
D.  2022

513.       ‘Global Tiger Day’ is observed on which day?
A.  July 25th
B.  July 27th
C.   July 29th
D.  July 31st
514.       Which collaboration has developed

India’s first Hydrogen powered fuel cell bus?
A.  ISRO and Tata Motors
B.  Tata Motors and Ford
C.   Ford and ISRO
D.  ISRO and HAL

515.       What is India’s ranking in the world for the export of Iron ore?

A.  First
B.  Second
C.   Third
D.  Fourth

516.       Which North-eastern Indian state is the home to India’s largest rail-cum-road bridge?

A.  Tripura
B.  Meghalaya
C.  Arunachal Pradesh
D.  Assam

517.       ‘Mythri’ is a scheme which provides monthly pension of 500 for transgender, has been launched by which State government?

A.  Karnataka
B.  Kerala
C.  Tamil Nadu
D.  Andhra Pradesh

518.       When is the ‘World Hepatitis Day’ observed?
A.  July 28th
B.  July 29th
C.  July 30th
D.  July 31st

519.        Which firm has bagged the metro development project in Saudi Arabia?
A.  Omaxe Ltd
B.  Hindustan construction
C.  Larsen and Tourbo
D.  None of the above

520.       Who became the first cricketer to hit 400 sixes in International career?
A.  Shahid Afridi
B.  Shayne Wane
C.  Chris Gale
D.  Virender Sehwag

521.       What is the name of the exercise which is carried out between the Indian Air Force and the Air Force of France?
A.  Shakti

B.  Astra
C.   Garuda
D.  Varuna

522.       Which country out of the following is not a part of the South African Customs Union (SACU)?

A.  South Africa
B.  Brazil
C.   Lesotho
D.  Botswana

523.       Which state became the first state to launch video chatting in prisons?
A.  Haryana
B.  Punjab
C.   Gujarat
D.  Himachal Pradesh

524.       Out of the following hills, which ones are a part of the Purvanchal Range:

1) Mizo Hills
2) Naga Hills
3) Manipur Hills
4) Patkai Hills
A.  1,2 & 3
B.  2,3 & 4
C.   1, 3 & 4
D.  1,2,3 & 4

525.       Which country has the Wikileaks Political Party?

A.  United states
B.  Australia
C.   Russia
D.  England

526.         In how many years is the agricultural census organized in India?

A.  Three
B.  Five
C.  Nine
D.  Ten

527.       Which company has become the world’s most profitable handset vendor?

A.  Apple
B.  Motorola
C.  Nokia
D.  Samsung

528.       Who was awarded the inaugural National Yash Chopra Memorial award?

A.  Asha Bhosle
B.  Lata Mangeshkar
C.  Shah Rukh Khan
D.  Kajol

529.       Which region has been provided a special status under the Article 371J of the Constitution of India?

A.  Nagaland
B.  Jammu and Kashmir
C.  Goa
D.  Hyderabad-Karnataka Region

530.       Which country is the largest steel producer in the world?
A.  India
B.  China
C.  United States of America
D.  Russia

531.       On which river is the world’s largest river island, Majuli situated?
A.  Ganga
B.  Teesta

C.   Krishna
D.  Brahmaputra

532.       Which of the following is a greenhouse gas?
A.  Methane
B.  Carbon Monoxide
C.   Nitrous Oxide
D.  All of the above

533.        How many gold medals has India won in the Olympics for hockey?
A.  Five
B.  Eight
C.   Ten
D.  Twelve

534.       At which highway has India launched it’s first cashless treatment of road accident victims?

A.  Gurgaon-Jaipur Highway
B.  Delhi-Agra Highway
C.   Bangalore-Chennai Highway
D.  Mumbai-Pune highway

535.       Which state has the maximum forest cover in India?
A.  Assam
B.  Andhra Pradesh
C.   West Bengal
D.  Madhya Pradesh

536.       From which satellite launching station has India’s latest weather satellite INSAT 3D been launched?

A.  Vikram Sarabhai Space Center
B.  Kourou French Guinea
C.   Satish Dhawan Space Center
D.  None of the above

537.       Which city became the first Indian city to launch a wireless traffic controller system?

A.  Bangalore
B.  Chennai
C.  Mumbai
D.  New Delhi

538.       Who was the winner of the 2015 Tour De France?

A.  Chris Froome
B.  Marcel Kittel
C.  Nairo Quintana
D.  Lance Amstrong

539.       In which state is the Tipaimukh Multipurpose Hydroelectric project located?

A.  Assam
B.  Tripura
C.  Manipur
D.  Nagaland

540.       On which day is Kargil Vijay Diwas celebrated?
A.  July 23rd
B.  July 24th
C.  July 25th
D.  July 26th

541.        Which telecom operator company offers free access to Wikipedia?
A.  Aircel
B.  Airtel
C.  Idea
D.  Reliance
542.       Which port has been adjudged
‘Major Port of the year’ 2015?
A.  Chennai Port

B. Kolkata Port

C. Mumbai Port
D. Paradip Port

543.       Which committee was set up with an objective of evolving a mechanism for Minimum Support Price to the collectors of non-timber forest products?

A.  T Haque Committee
B.  Sudha Committee
C.   Verma Committee
D.  None of the above

544.       Which country was King Albert II ruling when he abdicated his throne for his son, after ruling the country for 20 years?
A.  Netherlands
B.  England
C.   Scotland
D.  Belgium

545.       Who is the current chairperson of National Green Tribunal of India?
A.  Justice UD Salvi
B.  Justice Swatanter Kumar
C.   Justice Jyothimani
D.  None of the above

546.       Photo Identity card is mandatory for the purchase of which commodity?

A.  Milk
B.  Vegetables
C.   Acid
D.  Shoes

547.       Who is the author of the book ‘The Lowland’?
A.  Jhumpa Lahiri

B. Arvind Adiga
C. Vikram Seth
D. Arundhati Roy

548.        Which company became the first automaker to take part in Greenhouse gas reporting program in India?
A.  Suzuki
B.  Honda
C.  Toyota
D.  Tata
549.       Which planet is also known as
Earth’s twin?
A.  Mars
B.  Venus
C.  Mercury
D.  Saturn

550.       World War 1 was fought in which continent?
A.  Asia
B.  Africa
C.  Australia
D.  Europe

551.       Which country allows its banks to set its own lending rate in order to save the falling economy?

A.  China
B.  United States of America
C.  India
D.  Russia

552.       World toilet day is observed on which day?
A.  January 19th
B.  March 19th
C.  August 19th
D.  November 19th

553.       Where is India’s first textile park dedicated to handblock printing and crafts situated?

A.  Ajmer, Rajasthan
B.  Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
C.   Bagru, Rajasthan
D.  None of the above

554.       Which High Court became the first of its kind to introduce online payment of court fees?

A.  New Delhi High court
B.  Mumbai High Court
C.   Calcutta High Court
D.  Chandigarh High Court

555.       Shinzo Abe is the Prime Minister of which country?
A.  Vietnam
B.  Taiwan
C.   South Korea
D.  Japan

556.       Who is the director general of Bureau of Police Research and Development?

A.  Navneet Rajan Wasan
B.  Rajat Gupta
C.   Rajiv Chandra
D.  KN Sharma

557.       Which states have shown biggest drop in percentage of poor?

A.  Orissa and Bihar
B.  Jharkhand and Bihar
C.   Bihar and Madhya Pradesh
D.  Jharkhand and Madhya Pradesh

558.       Ghoomar is a folk dance from which state?

A. Madhya Pradesh

564.  Out of the mentioned diseases,
B. Orissa
which ones are notifiable diseases:
C. Rajasthan
1) Polio

D. Haryana
2) H1N1

559.  Who is Afghanistan’s first woman
3) Swine Flu

4) Tuberculosis

A. Habiba Anjum
A. 1, 3 & 4

B. Habiba Sarabi
B. 2 , 3 & 4

C. Anujm Sarabi
C. 1,2,3 & 4

D. None of the above
D. 1, 2 & 3

560.  For excellence in which field is the

Ramnath Goenka award given?

A. Cinema

B. Theatre

C. Journalism

D. All of the above

561.  Which crop is affected by Tikka

which is a destructive fungal disease?

A. Wheat

B. Groundnut

C. Sugarcane

D. Paddy

562.  Which bank has become the world’s

largest bank by market capitalization?

A. JP Morgan

B. HDFC Bank


D. Wells Fargo & Co

563.  Taj Mahal has been adopted by

which company under Clean India

Campaign of Ministry of Tourism?



C. Tata

D. Reliance


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