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GK Questions & Answers in Hindi PDF Download For SSC Railway 401 to 450

GK Questions & Answers in Hindi PDF Download For SSC Railway 401 to 450
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401.       Which was the first Indian High Court to integrate a Cyber Forensics Laboratory?

A.  Tripura High Court
B.  Mumbai High Court
C.   Delhi High Court
D.  Chandigarh High Court

402.       In which state is the ‘Nehru Trophy Boat Race’ held every year?
A.  Karnataka
B.  Goa
C.   Kerala

D. Tamil Nadu

403.       Ronjan Sodhi is associated with which sport?
A.  Shooting
B.  Wrestling
C.  Weight Lifting
D.  Cricket

404.       Zafar Futehally was well known in which field?

A.  Entertainment
B.  Journalism
C.  Ornithology
D.  None of the above

405.       India’s largest blast Furnace, ‘Durga’ is operated within which steel plant?

A.  Rourkela Steel Plant
B.  Bhilali Steel Plant
C.  Bhardavati Steel Plant
D.  Bokaro Steel Plant

406.       In which city is the ‘Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology’ located?

A.  Hyderabad
B.  Bangalore
C.  Delhi
D.  Mumbai

407.       Which country has the World’s highest wind tribunes?

A.  India
B.  China
C.  Sweden
D.  Italy

408.       What is the minimum amount of land required to set up a Multi-product SEZs?

A.  100 hectares
B.  200 hectares
C.   400 hectares
D.  500 hectares

409.       Out of the following which ones are used as a moderator in the Nuclear reactors:

1) Light water
2) Heavy water
3) Solid graphite
4) Beryllium
A.  1,2 & 3
B.  2,3 & 4
C.   1,3& 4
D.  1,2,3 & 4

410.       Mount Rokatenda Volcano is located in which country?

A.  Indonesia
B.  Chile
C.   Peru
D.  China

411.       Which animal is the source of the deadly MERS coronavirus?
A.  Rats
B.  Camels
C.   Whale
D.  Monkeys

412.       Who is the first British who performed a spacewalk and has retired from NASA?

A.  Colin Michael Foale
B.  David Morgan

C. Alters Cook
D. John Morgan

413.       To which field is the ‘Prem Bhatia Memorial Award’ related to?
A.  Music
B.  Theatre
C.  Social Service
D.  Journalism

414.       Apart from India, which other countries have indigenous aircraft carrier?

A.  US, UK, France and Russia
B.  US, UK, China and Japan
C.  Japan, China, France and Russia
D.  US, UK, France and Germany

415.       In how many Naxal-hit districts has the ‘Integrated Action Plan’ been implemented in order to develop infrastructure?

A.  78
B.  82
C.  88
D.  98

416.       What was the main purpose behind the setting up of the VK Shunglu Committee?

A.  To probe of allegation of corruption charges in the conduct of commonwealth games

B.  To probe the illegal iron ore mining in Goa and Karnataka

C.  To probe the 2G spectrum allocation issue
D.  All of the above

417.       What is the name of India’s Research Station in the Arctic?
A.  Himadri
B.  Maitri
C.   Bharathi
D.  Sheshadri

418.       WADI is a pilot project of which project, which is for the upliftment of the tribal and poor?

C.   World Bank

419.       On which company has the US International Trade Commission has imposed ban on importing and selling mobile phones in the US Market?

A.  Apple
B.  Motorola
C.   Nokia
D.  Samsung

420.       Which of the following pairs of primitive tribes and their states have been matched incorrectly?

A.  Hakki Pakki – Karnataka
B.  Gawada – Goa
C.   Gaddi – Himachal Pradesh
D.  Irulas – Kerala

421.       Magellanic Stream, which is a long ribbon gas, is orbiting which galaxy in the universe?

A.  Milky Way
B.  Cigar
C.   Cart Wheel
D.  All of the above

422.       Ritchie’s Archipelago is a part of which state/union territory?
A.  Daman and Diu
B.  Andaman and Nicobar
C.  Lakshadweep
D.  Goa

423.       Which nations are considered as the triads of nuclear power?
A.  Russia
B.  United States
C.  All of the above
D.  None of the above
424.       Which company launched

‘ALZUMAB’, the world’s first novel anti-CD6 antibody to treat psoriasis?
A.  Biocon
B.  Cipla
C.  Reddy’s
D.  Ipca labs
425.       According to TRAI’s

Telecommunication Mobile Number Portability Regulations fifth amendment, what percentage of corporate mobile numbers can be ported to another service provider through letter of authorization?

A.  Upto 50%
B.  Upto 55%
C.  Upto 60%
D.  Upto 65%

426.       “Animus in Consulendo Liber” is the motto of which international organization?

B.  World Bank
C.   Peta

427.       The talks regarding opening the Kaesong Industrial Zone has taken place between which two countries?

A.  India and China
B.  North Korea and South Korea
C.   Malaysia and Singapore
D.  Japan and China

428.       Which set of islands is a reason for dispute between Spain and Britain?
A.  Andaman and Nicobar Islands
B.  Cook Islands
C.   Cayman Islands
D.  Gibraltar Islands
429.       Which day has been declared as the
International Day of the World’s
Indigenous people by United Nations?
A.  10th January
B.  2nd May
C.   9th August
D.  26th November

430.       Which statement is correct regarding the ‘Sweet Crude Oil’?

A.  It is a type of petroleum with a lower level of Sulfur

B.  It is a type of petroleum with high level of Sulfur

C.  It is a type of petroleum with high level of hydrogen sulfide
D.  None of the above

431.       What is the amount of contribution made by the automobile industry in the manufacturing GDP?

A.  10%

B.  15%
C.  20%
D.  25%

432.       On which river is the famous Dudhsagar Falls in Goa located?
A.  Mandovi
B.  Malaprabha
C.  Krishna
D.  Godavri
433.       Which Indian state gives the

prestigious literary award, ‘Bharat Bharti Samma’?
A.  Uttar Pradesh
B.  Haryana
C.  Madhya Pradesh
D.  Rajasthan

434.       Which country sold 145 state of the art 155 mm towed Howitzer to India?
A.  Russia
B.  United States
C.  France
D.  United Kingdom

435.       Who became the first Indian woman player to receive an individual medal at the World Badminton Championship?

A.  Saina Nehwal
B.  PV Sindhu
C.  Jwala Gutta
D.  Ashwini Ponnapa

436.       With which country has India signed a civil nuclear cooperation agreement?

A.  France
B.  United States of America
C.   Canada
D.  All of the above

437.       With the help of which process is the dairy product ‘yogurt’ obtained?
A.  Fermentation
B.  Pasteurization
C.   Dehydration
D.  Hydration

438.       Which Indian state has the largest Buddhist population in the country?

A.  Delhi
B.  Meghalaya
C.   Assam
D.  Maharashtra

439.        Which country has the largest group of Indian citizens overseas?
A.  United Kingdom
B.  Australia
C.   Sri Lanka
D.  United States of America

440.       Which is the top most profit making Public Sector Undertaking (PSUs)?

441.       How many international airports in India provide the service of visa-on-arrival?

A.  Five
B.  Eight
C.   Ten
D.  Eleven

442.       According to the IMS health physician and Chemist survey, which state has the highest density of doctors?

A.  Jammu and Kashmir
B.  Himachal Pradesh
C.  Haryana
D.  Kerala

443.       Out of the given options, which one is not a computer language?

D.  All of the above
444.       Which scheme has the ‘National
Urban Livelihoods Mission’ replaced?

A.  Jawaharlal Nehru Urban Renewal Mission
B.  Nehru Yozgar yojana

C.  Swarna Jayanti Shahari Rozgar Yojana

D.  Urban Infrastructure Development Scheme

445.       What is the name of the latest Mars mission carried out by NASA?
A.  Yinghuo-1
B.  Mars Orbiter Mission
C.  Fobos-Grunt

446.       Which country refers to ‘Green Card’ as an immigration process of becoming a permanent resident?

A.  United Kingdom
B.  South Africa
C.  United States of America
D.  Canada

447.        Which nation has the largest warship, ‘Izumo’ after World War II?
A.  Russia
B.  Japan
C.   United States of America
D.  France

448.       Against how many Prime Ministers of India has a no-confidence motion been passed?

A.  Three
B.  Four
C.   Five
D.  Six

449.       In which state is the Sasan Ultra Mega Power Project located?
A.  Haryana
B.  West Bengal
C.   Madhya Pradesh
D.  Kerala

450.       Who is the highest Paid Female athlete according to Forbes?
A.  Maria Sharapova
B.  Serena Williams
C.   Venus Williams
      D. Danica Patrick


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