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GK Questions & Answers in Hindi PDF Download For SSC Railway 201 TO 250

GK Questions & Answers in Hindi PDF Download For SSC Railway 201 TO 250
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201.        Which country has not been correctly matched with its country?

A.            Albania – Lek
B.             Cambodia – Riel
C.             Ethiopia – Birr
D.            Finland – Dalasi

202.        Who is the author of the book, ‘India and Malaysia: Intertwined strands’?
A.            Naveen Banopadhya
B.             Sushma Singh
C.             Veena Sikri
D.            Ravichand Nayak

203.        What is the major objective of the proposed “Rajiv Rinn Yojana”?
A.            Health Insurance to farmers
B. Interest subsidy schemes for housing and urban poor
C. Credit facility for street vendors
D. Making India slum free

204.        Who became the youngest pilot to fly across the world on a single engine air craft in September 2013?
A.            William Campbell
B.             Steve Thompson
C.             Ryan Campbell
D.            Jack Wiegand

205.        What is Blood doping used for?
A.            Increase White blood Cells
B.             Increase Red Blood Cells
C.             Decrease Platelets
D.            Decrease Hemoglobin

206.        Which chemical present in rice including Basmati variety of India raised international concern?
A.            Zinc
B.             Cadmium
C.             Mercury
D.            Arsenic

207.        In which state is the ‘Harike Wildlife Sanctuary’ located?
A.            Haryana
B.             Rajasthan
C.             Punjab
D.            Kerala

208.        What is the next version of Android operation system called?
A.            Kitkat
B.             Lollipop
C.             Marshmallow
D.            Jelly bean

209.        Who is the chairman of the ‘National Ganga River Basin Authority’?
A.            Home Minister
B.             Prime Minister
C.             President
D.            Vice-President

210.        Who among the following has won the Italian Grand Prix Championship 2015?
A.            Lewis Hamilton
B.             Sebastian Vettel
C.             Narayan Kartiken
D.            Mark Webber

211.        Who has been named as South Africa’s cricketer of the year?
A.            Hashim Amla
B.             AB De Villiers’
C.             Jacque Kallis
D.            Dale Steyn

212.        Who is the Prime Minister of Australia?
A.            Kevin Rudd
B.             Julia Gillard
C.             Tony Abbott’s
D.            Stephen Smith

213.        Which of the following cities will host the 2020 Olympic Games?
A.            Madrid
B.             Tokyo
C.             Istanbul
D.            Durban

214.        Who appoints the Banking Ombudsman in India?
A.            Finance Minister
B. Reserve bank of India
C. Government of India
D. Supreme Court

215.        What cannot contract a virus to a computer?
A.            CD
B.             USB
C.             Scanner
D.            E-mail

216.        Who has won the Women’s single Title in the US open Tennis Championship 2015?
A.            Venus Williams
B.             Serena Williams
C.             Victoria Azarenka
D.            Sania Mirza

217.        Which part of the eye is transplanted in eye donation?
A.            Iris
B.             Lens
C.             Retina
D.            Cornea

218.        With which country would you associate the ‘Kurdistan Workers Party’?
A.            Vietnam
B.             Turkey
C.             Kenya
D.            China

219.        Which of the following games have been reinstated by the International Olympic committee for Olympics 2020?
A.            Polo
B.             Wrestling
C.             Cricket
D.            Baseball

220.        UNESCO has declared which of the following days as International Literacy Day?
A.            September 5
B.             September 7
C.             September 8
D.            September 9

221.        Which of the following countries are not party to the Statute of International Criminal Court:
1) India
2) China
3) United States
4) Israel
A.            1 & 2
B.             2 & 4
C.             1 & 3
D.            1,2,3 & 4

222.        Which is the first Non-African country to be found among the World’s poorest nations?
A.            Malaysia
B.             Kazakhstan
C.             Indonesia
D.            Afghanistan

223.        Which Rail Coach factory received Par Excellence award from the Quality circle Forum of India?
A.            Kapurthala
B.             Karkapur
C.             Bhatinda
D.            Raibareli

224.        Which state is the largest producer of Limestone in India?
A.            Chattisgarh
B.             Rajasthan
C.             Madhya Pradesh
D.            All of the above

225.        Who among the following are eligible to acquire shares on stock exchange in compliance with FEMA regulations?
A.            Foreign Institutional Investors
B.             Qualified Foreign Institutions
C.             Non-Resident Indians
D.            All of the above

226.        According to the Reserve Bank of India, what amount of Indian rupee can an individual carry while travelling abroad?
A.            10,000
B.             20,000
C.             30,000
D.            40,000

227.        In which ocean is the Diego Garcia Island located?
A.            Indian Ocean
B.             Pacific Ocean
C.             Atlantic Ocean
D.            Arctic Ocean

228.        Which state has the highest literacy rate in India?
A.            Kerala
B.             Tripura
C.             Assam
D.            Sikkim

229.        In which field is Zubin Mehta well known?
A.            Music
B.             Theatre
C.             Science
D.            Journalism

230.        Which of the following statements is correct about the Chief Information Commissioner (CIC) of India?
A.            CIC of India is appointed for a 5 year term or till he or she attains the age of 65 years
B.             CIC is eligible for re-appointment
C.             Salary of CIC is the same as the Chief Justice of India.
D.            All of the above

231.        Which was the first private sector bank to launch a ‘Branch on Wheels Drive’?
A.            Axis Bank
B.             Federal bank
C.             Citi Bank
D.            ICICI Bank

232.        Which of the following countries passed a law to end the system of secret voting in the national legislature?
A.            Britain
B.             France
C.             Brazil
D.            India

233.        Who won the UEFA best player in Europe award in the year 2014-15?
A.            Lionel Messi
B.             Christiano Ronaldo
C. Eden Hazard
D. Franck Ribery

234.        How much percent FDI in pension sector is allowed by the Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) Bill 2013?
A.            47%
B.             48%
C.             48%
D.            100%

235.        The nation’s first geo-thermal power project ‘Tatapani’ is situated in which state?
A.            Andhra Pradesh
B.             Himachal Pradesh
C.             Uttar Pradesh
D.            Chhattisgarh

236.        Under which ocean will you find the largest volcano in the earth and one of the largest in the entire solar system?
A.            Arctic Ocean
B.             Southern Ocean
C.             Indian Ocean
D.            Pacific Ocean

237.        On which day is the International Day of Charity observed?
A.            September 3
B.             September 4
C.             September 5
D.            September 6

238.        Who has been appointed as the Chief Information Commissioner of India?
A.            Mrs Deepak Sandhu
B. Mrs Sushma Singh
C. Mr. Vijai Sharma
D. Mr Rajeev Mathur

239.        Who headed the committee set up by the Reserve Bank of India Governor Raghuram Rajan in order to screen the applicants for new Bank licenses?
A.            Urjit Patel
B.             Bimal Jalan
C.             Shamla Gopinath
D.            D. Suburao

240.        Which of the following nations drafted the Syria war Resolution permitting military action against the Bashar Al-Assad Regime?
A.            Russia
B.             France
C.             Germany
D.            USA

241.        What is NASA’s new space craft to moon called?
A.            LADEE
B.             Apollo 20
C.             EDT
D.            Lunar 2

242.        Which sport is not included in the Olympics currently?
A.            Baseball
B.             Polo
C.             None of the above
D.            All of the above

243.        Which Indian Prime Minister wasn’t a recipient of the Bharat Ratna Award?
A.            P V Narsimah Rao
B. Indira Gandhi
C. Manmohan Singh
D. Jawaharlal Nehru

244.        Nokia device and services was bought by which company?
A.            IBM
B.             Infosys
C.             Apple
D.            Microsoft

245.        What is the word used to refer to ‘Perfect Knowledge’ in Jainism?
A.            Jina
B.             Kaivalya
C.             Brahman
D.            Nirvana

246.        Which Asian country holds the World’s largest foreign exchange reserves?
A.            China
B.             India
C.             Russia
D.            North Korea

247.        Who publishes the Global Competitiveness Report?
A.            World Bank
B.             UNESCO
C.             World Economic Forum
D.            IMF

248.        What is the stand of India in the production of Coffee in the world?
A.            First
B.             Third
C.             Fifth
D.            Seventh

249.        Which gases are used in the Modified Atmospheric Packaging of Food Products?
A.            Oxygen
B.             Carbon Dioxide
C.             Nitrogen
D.            All of the above

250.        Which city is the home to Europe’s largest public library?
A.            London
B.             Paris
C.             Birmingham
D.            Manchester


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