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GK Questions & Answers in Hindi PDF Download For SSC Railway 451 to 500

GK Questions & Answers in Hindi PDF Download For SSC Railway 451 to 500
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451.       What is Pinaka, in context with Indian defense system?

A.  Air-to-air missile
B.  Surface to air missile
C.   Surface to water missile
D.  Multiple rocket launcher

452.       Which Indian state has the maximum rural population?
A.  Uttar Pradesh

B.  Karnataka
C.  Haryana
D.  Rajasthan
453.       Which crop is referred to as the
‘Green Gold’?
A.  Wheat
B.  Barley
C.  Bamboo
D.  Sugar Cane

454.       What is the approximate number of Agri Export Zones that has been sanctioned to set up in India?

A.  55
B.  60
C.  65
D.  70

455.       Dispute regarding the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands is going on between Argentina and which other European country?

A.  France
B.  Italy
C.  Germany
D.  United Kingdom

456.       Which state has set up a ‘Lok Seva guarantee Commission’ to provide time-bound public service?

A.  Rajasthan
B.  Maharashtra
C.  Kerala
D.  Karnataka

457.       Where can the Kurinji flower be found?
A.  Darjeeling Hills
B.  Kodaikanal Hills
C. Nilgiri Hills

D. Kalrayan Hills

458.       Which Indian court became the first ever e-court in the country to accept petitions via email?

A.  Delhi High Court
B.  Bangalore High Court
C.   Madras High Court
D.  Bombay High Court

459.       Two major ports have recently been set up in which states?
A.  Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal
B.  Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh
C.   West Bengal, Maharashtra
D.  Karnataka, Maharashtra

460.        Which term is used to define the anti-social use of a smart phone?
A.  Mobiphobia
B.  Phubbing
C.   Snubbing
D.  None of the above
461.       Stock Exchange Board of India

issued, “Operational, Prudential and Reporting Norms for AIFs.” What is the full form of AIF?

A. Alternative Investment Funds B. Alternative Institutional Funds C. All Investment Funds

D. Alternative incurred funds

462.       Which Asian country is the biggest ship builder in the world?
A.  Russia
B.  China
C.   Japan
D.  South Korea

463.        Who was been appointed as the 23rd Governor of the Reserve bank of India?
A.  Urjit Patel
B.  Ananda Sinha
C.  Dr. Raghuram Rajan
D.  HR Khan

464.       Who was the first Indian to win the Politiken Cup in Denmark?
A.  Parimanjan Negi
B.  Vishwanathan Anand
C.  P Harikrishna
D.  None of the above

465.       Which Indian city is well known for its traditional embroidery art,
‘Chickankari Work’?
A.  Jaipur
B.  Lucknow
C.  Haridwar
D.  Ajmer

466.        In which state is the Great Himalayan National Park situated?
A.  Sikkim
B.  Jammu and Kashmir
C.  Uttarakhand
D.  Himachal Pradesh

467.       What percentage stake does Etihad airlines have in Jet airways?
A.  23
B.  24
C.  25
D.  28

468.       What is the upper age limit for the President of India?
A.  65
B.  70
C.   75
D.  There is no such limit

469.       What percentage of disinvestment has taken place in Indian Oil cooperation?

A.  5%
B.  10%
C.   15%
D.  20%

470.       What is the per capita availability of fruits in India?
A.  50gms
B.  100gms
C.   150gms
D.  200gms

471.        Which country has the largest postal network in the world?
A.  India
B.  United States of America
C.   Russia
D.  Brazil

472.       Which company launched mKRISHI?
A.  Wipro Technologies
B.  Infosys
C.   Tata Consultancy Services
D.  Agrocom

473.       In which country is Daocheng Yading airport located, which is said to be the world’s highest airport?

A.  Japan
B.  China
C.   Vietnam
D.  South Korea

474.        Which place in India recoded world’s first ever low temperature thermal desalination plant operating?
A.  Panaji
B.  Andaman and Nicobar Islands
C.  Lakshadweep
D.  Mumbai

475.       With which country has India not signed a Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement?

A.  Pakistan
B.  Japan
C.  Singapore
D.  South Korea

476.        Japan sent the world’s first talking robot to space, what is its name?
A.  Jaxa
B.  Wall-E
C.  Kirobo
D.  Dolly

477.       Group 77 at the United Nations is a collation of which type of nations?
A.  Developed Countries
B.  Developing Countries
C.  Non-aligned countries
D.  Industrialized countries

478.       Which country has banned the import of milk powder from New Zealand?

A.  China
B.  India
C.  Pakistan
D.  Taiwan

479.       To which political party did the South African President, Nelson Mandela belong to?

A.  African National Congress
B.  National Congress
C.   Pan African Party
D.  African National Party

480.       Which Zoo launched the Adoption of Zoo animal campaign?

A.  Mysore Zoo
B.  Mumbai Zoo
C.   Alipore Zoo
D.  Delhi Zoo

481.       Which IIT designed rail coaches that will get solar energy for the lighting up of cabins and for cooking?

A.  IIT Mumbai
B.  IIT Kharkapur
C.   IIT Delhi
D.  IIT Madras

482.       Who is the current president of Iran?
A.  Hassan Rouhani
B.  Mahmoud Rouhani
C.   Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
D.  None of the above

483.       In which country has an International Tamil radio service completed over 5p years of broadcasting?

A.  India
B.  Malaysia
C.   China
D.  Mauritius

484.       Where did Bharat Heavy Electrical Ltd open its new unit?
A.  Anand, Gujarat
B.  Pune, Maharashtra
C.  Pudukkottai, Andhra Pradesh
D.  None of the above

485.       Which language is not a ‘Classical Language of India’?
A.  Malayalam
B.  Bengali
C.  Sanskrit
D.  Telugu

486.        What is the cap on the foreign investment for a new bank, according to the Reserve Bank of India?
A.  39%
B.  40%
C.  48%
D.  49%

487.       Who is the current president of Zimbabwe?
A.  Robert Mugabe
B.  Nelson Mandela
C.  Rita Makarau
D.  Morgan Tsvangirai
488.       Choose the incorrect pairing.
A.  Bodoland – Assam
B.  Vidarbha – Maharashtra
C.  Tulu Nadu – Tamil Nadu

D.  Gorkha Janmukti Morcha – West Bengal

489.       Who headed the ‘Tax Administration Reforms Commission’ of India?

A.  Raghuram Rajan
B. Parthasarathi Shome 
C. Koushik Basu 
D. P Chidambaram

490.       Which two countries are connected by the ‘Karakoram Pass’?
A.  India and Pakistan
B.  Pakistan and China
C.   India and China
D.  Pakistan and Afghanistan

491.       Which state launched the ‘Ksheera Bhagya’ scheme which provides 150ml of milk thrice a week to school children?

A.  Karnataka
B.  Kerala
C.   Punjab
D.  Uttar Pradesh

492.       Which of the following options is covered under the Banking Ombudsman Scheme?

A.  Scheduled Commercial Banks
B.  Regional Rural banks
C.   Primary Co-operative banks
D.  All of the above

493.       In which city has the ‘Pravasi Friend’ project been launched?
A.  Kochi
B.  Madras
C.   Bangalore
D.  Mysore

494.       In which country is the guerilla group Sendero Luminiso active?
A.  Sri Lanka
B.  Peru
C.   Brazil

D.  Chile

495.       Which of the following publications is by the National Archives of India?
A.  e-Abhilekh
B.  e-Suddi
C.  Great India
D.  All of the above

496.       Which project is the Gandhi Sagar Dam a part of?

A.  Chambal Project
B.  Damodar Valley Project
C.  Rihand Project
D.  Kosi Project

497.       Which of the following Islamic parties has been banned by the Bangladesh High Court from contesting future polls?

A.  Islamic Action Society
B.  Islamic Unit Front
C.  Jamaat-e-Islami
D.  Bangladesh Islami Front

498.       Where is the 30m telescope ‘TMT’, the world’s most powerful telescope being built?

A.  Mauna Kea, Hawaii
B.  Mount Everest, Nepal
C.  Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
D.  Chimborazo, Ecuador

499.       Which Chinese city offers International Transit Passenger 72 hours visa free stay?

A.  Shanghai
B.  Beijing
C.  Macau
D.  Guangzhou

500.       Which Indian state has the largest number of registered cybercrimes?
A.  Punjab
B.  Delhi
C.   Haryana
      D. Maharashtra


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