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GK Questions & Answers in Hindi PDF Download For SSC Railway 301 to 350

GK Questions & Answers in Hindi PDF Download For SSC Railway 301 to 350
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301.       To which one of the following ministry “Nirmal Gram Puraskar” award is related?

A.  Ministry of Environment and Forest
B.  Ministry of Rural Development
C.   Ministry of Culture
D.  Ministry of Social Welfare

302.       When is the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking is observed?

A.  Jun-26
B.  Jun-22
C.   Jun-28
D.  Jun-24

303.       Who has been elected as Australia’s new Prime Minister?

A.  Kevin Rudd
B.  Chris Bowen
C.   Anthony Albanese
D.  Julian Gillard

304.       Pipavav port is located in which state?
A.  Gujarat
B.  Odisha
C.   Maharastra
D.  Andhra Pradesh

305.       According to Forbes, who among the following has been ranked as the most powerful celebrity?

A.  Lady Gaga
B.  Steven Spielberg
C.   Oprah Winfrey

D.  Madonna

306.       Identify the statements that are true regarding “Project Loon”?

A.  It is a network of balloons, designed to connect people in rural and remote areas

B.  It is an operation to combat cyber attacks

C.  A clandestine operation to tap online and telephone data

D.  Project to provide free DTH service

307.        Identify the three major medicines banned by Union government?
A.  Pioglitazone, Deanxit, Brufen
B.  Deanxit, Brufen, Analgin
C.  Analgin, Pioglitazone, Brufen
D.  Pioglitazone, Deanxit, Analgin

308.       Of which among the following pairs of countries has India conferred the Most Favoured Nation (MFN) trade status to?

A.  Maldives and Sri Lanka
B.  Pakistan and Vietnam
C.  Pakistan and China
D.  Myanmar and Bhutan

309.       Name the bank that has been licensed to open a representative office in Myanmar?

C.  EXIM Bank of India
D.  Corporation Bank

310.       Who heads the National Disaster Management Authority?
A.  Prime Minister

B. Home Minister

C.   President
D.  Defense Minister
311.       Of which of the following state’s

CM has been selected for United Nation Global award for Public Service?

A.  Kerala
B.  Karnataka
C.   Madhya Pradesh
D.  Maharastra

312.       Name the longest Railway Tunnel in Asia?
A.  Taihang Tunnel
B.  Pir Panjal tunnel
C.   Seikan tunnel
D.  Karbude tunnel

313.       Name the country that will send a robot-astronaut to the space that can communicate with humans?

A.  Japan
B.  Russia
C.   USA
D.  China

314.       Which of the following telecommunication company was penalized of Rs 650 crore for violating roaming norms?

A.  Idea
B.  Vodafone
C.   Bharti Airtel

315.       The Committee set up by SEBI, to unify Foreign Investment Norms is headed by?

A. C B Dhave
B. U K Sinha
C. Sudhir Kulkarni
D. K M Chandrashekar

316.       Which company has launched the campaign named “Start Searching India”?

A.  Google
B.  Yahoo
C.  Rediff

317.       ROSHNI scheme, launched by ministry of Rural Development, has which of the following objective?

A.  To provide household facility to poor

B.  Provide training and employment to tribal youth in Naxal-affected districts

C.  Promotion of self-employment in Naxal-affected districts

D.  Empowerment of Women’s in rural area

318.       The world’s largest container ship has been unveiled by which country?
B.  Maersk Line
C.  STX group
D.  Hyundai heavy

319.       Early Tsunami Warning System has been installed in which of the following places?

A.  Vizhag
B.  Mangalore
C.  Andaman and Nicobar
D.  Goa

320.       “2013 Indian Business Leader of the Year” has been conferred to?
A.  Sanjiv Goenka
B.  Anil Agarwal
C.   Ajim Premji
D.  Mukesh Ambani

321.       Which of the following marketplaces is the world’s most expensive office market, according to Prime Office Occupancy Costs survey?

A.  Hong Kong (Central)
B.  Nariman Point
C.   London’s West End
D.  Connaught Place

322.        The world’s largest container ship was unveiled by which company?
B.  Maersk Line
C.   STX group
D.  Hyundai heavy

323.       Which of the following Sikh Shrine was declared as holy city by Pak Govt?
A.  Pir Panjab
B.  Panja Sahib
C.   Patti Sahib
D.  Guru Sahib

324.       Free pilgrimage to senior citizens has been offered by which state?

A.  Rajasthan
B.  Gujarat
C.   Punjab
D.  Haryana
325.       Men’s singles title of Singapore

Open Super series badminton tournament-2013 is won by?

A. Tommy Sugiarto
B. Mohammad Ahsan
C. Hendra Setiawan
D. Lee Yong-Dae

326.       Jamini Roy, whose 125th Birth Centenary was recently observed. To which field he was related?

A.  Freedom Movement Activist
B.  Painter
C.  Vocal Artists in Hindustani Music
D.  Journalist

327.       In the Renewable Energy Index, what is India ranked at?
A.  5
B.  8
C.  13
D.  16
328.       World’s fastest electric racing car

ZEOD RC was unveiled by which one of the following motor vehicle companies?

A.  Nissan
B.  Ford
C.  General Motors
D.  Toyota

329.       The Kachin Independence Army is a rebel group assosciated with which country?

A.  Bangladesh
B.  Sri Lanka
C.  Myanmar
D.  Afghanistan

330.       Name the state that has been ranked first in terms of Wind energy production?

A.  Gujarat
B.  Tamil Nadu
C.   Andhra Pradesh
D.  Rajasthan

331.       India clinched the ICC Champions Trophy 2013 against which country?
A.  England
B.  Australia
C.   Sri Lanka
D.  West Indies

332.       Which of the following air pollutants have been identified for regular monitoring,according to National Ambient Air Monitoring Programme of India?

1. Sulphur Dioxide
2. Oxides of Nitrogen (NO2)
3. Suspended Particulate Matter

4. Respirable Suspended Particulate Matter

Choose the correct option from the codes given below:
A.  Only 1 & 2
B.  Only 2 & 4
C.   Only 1, 2& 3
D.  1, 2, 3 & 4

333.       Name the new coach of “Australian Cricket Team”?

A.  Bryan Lara
B.  Shane Warne
C.   Darren Lehmann
D.  Adam Gilchrist

334.        Vodafone has agreed to buy cable operator Kabel Deutschland for euro

7.7 billion. To which of the following countries is Kabel Deutschland assosciated?

A.  Japan
B.  Germany
C.  France
D.  Canada
335.       India Abroad Publisher’s Special

Award for Excellence 2012 has been conferred to?
A.  Sharmila Tagore
B.  Amrit Singh
C.  AniBera
D.  MeeraJain

336.       When is International Olympic Day observed?
A.  Jun-22
B.  Jun-23
C.  Jun-24
D.  Jun-25

337.       At the 16th Shanghai International Film Festival, which film has won Golden Goblet award for best feature film?

A.  The Major
B.  Reliance
C.  Fist of Legend
D.  Amazing

338.       With which country is India in joint assosciation with for INDRA is a joint, bi-annual military exercise?

B.  Sri Lanka

C.   Russia
D.  China

339.       Name the India’s super fast computer?
A.  iDataPlex

340.       Which disease is treated by using the drug Bedaquilin?

A.  Malaria
B.  Tuberculosis
C.   Dengue

341.       “Simon Bolivar National Award of Journalism 2013” has been awarded to?

A.  George Bush
B.  Angle Markel
C.   Hugo Chavez
D.  Valdmir Putin

342.       Where is The Rollapadu Great Indian Bustard Bird Sanctuary located?
A.  Andhra Pradesh
B.  Uttar Pradesh
C.   Madhya Pradesh
D.  Arunachal Pradesh

343.       Sri Lanka parliament passed the 13th amendment to the constitution in which year?

A.  1979
B.  1987
C.   1990
D.  1985

344.       In the UNESCO Heritage

documentary, which one of the following ancient Jain manuscript has been registered?

A.  ShantinathaPurana
B.  JainaPurana
C.  MahaviraPurana
D.  BahubaliPurana

345.       When is World Refugee Day observed?

A.  Jun-18
B.  Jun-20
C.  Jun-21
D.  Jun-23

346.       Who heads the committee constituted by Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting to review the rate revision of the newspaper advertisements.

A.  S K Sinha
B.  Prakash Chandra
C.  J S Mathur
D.  Chandra Mouli
347.       Name the author of the book
“Ambedkar Speaks (Trilogy)”?
A.  Ramachandra Guha
B.  Narendra Jadhav
C.  Sushil Tharoor
D.  Prathiba Ray

348.       The Best Feature Film award at the third SAARC Film Festival in Colombo has been bagged by?

A.  Paan Singh Tomar
B.  Burfi
C.  Dabaang

D. Lunch Box

349.       Who was DickyRutnagur, who passed away recently?
A.  Sports journalist
B.  Film Director
C.   Actor
D.  Author

350.       Name the 5th country to ratify Istanbul convention?

A.  Albania
B.  Montenegro
C.   Italy
D.  Portugal


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