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GK Questions & Answers in Hindi PDF Download For SSC Railway 251 TO 300

GK Questions & Answers in Hindi PDF Download For SSC Railway 251 TO 300
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251.        Which country is the only significant country in East Mediterranean to produce Crude Oil?

A.            Syria
B.             Jordan
C.             Lebanon
D.            Gaza

252.        On which law does the system of a Refrigerator work?
A.            Charles Law
B.             Boyle’s Law
C.             First law of thermodynamics
D.            Second law of thermodynamics

253.        Which country is backing action against Syria for its alleged use of chemical weapons on civilians?
A.            United States
B.             France
C.             Germany
D.            All of the above

254.        Which Asian country has reserved seats for Hindu and Sikh citizen representatives in its lower house of the Parliament?
A.            Afghanistan
B.             Kazakhstan
C.             Nepal
D.            Bhutan

255.        Which Indian city will be the first city to have a monorail route?
A.            Bangalore
B.             New Delhi
C.             Mumbai
D.            Hyderabad

256.        Out of the following measures which ones are taken by the Reserve bank of India in order to shore up the currency?
1) Issue of Quasi-sovereign bonds
2) Hiking the import duty on gold and silver
3) Tightening of liquidity
4) Liberalization of bank deposit schemes
A.            1,2 & 4
B.             2,3 & 4
C.             1,3 & 4
D.            1,2,3 & 4

257.        Which internet giant has closed down its news and community services in China?
A.            Google
B.             Yahoo
C.             MSN
D.            Rediff

258.        Out of the following which ones are a music gharana in India:
1)            Gwalior
2)            Patiala
3)            Shimla
4)            Jaipur
5)            Agra
A. 1,2,3 & 4
B. 1,2,4 & 5
C. 1,2,3,4 & 5
D. 2,3,4 & 5

259.        A heritage portal was launched dedicated to which national leader?
A.            Jawarlal Nehru
B.             Vallab Bhai Patel
C.             Mahatma Gandhi
D.            Dr. Rajendera Prasad

260.        What type of virus is Human Papillomavirus?
A.            DNA Virus
B.             RNA virus
C.             RNA-RT virus
D.            DNA-RT virus

261.        Which city is also known as the Weaver city in India?
A.            Srinagar
B.             Panipat
C.             Patiala
D.            Gurgaon

262.        With which country has India set up an additional expert group on Humanitarian Mine action?
A.            China
B.             Australia
C.             Vietnam
D. South Korea

263.        Out of the following diseases which ones are caused by a virus?
A.            Chickenpox
B.             SARS
C.             Influenza
D.            All of the above

264.        Which statement holds true about the Prime Minister’s Relief fund?
A.            It is a private body and not a government entity
B.             Any contribution is exempted from income tax
C.             Audited by an independent firm outside the government
D.            All of the above

265.        To which country does Diana Nyad belong to, who became the first swimmer to swim from Cuba to Florida?
A.            France
B.             India
C.             USA
D.            Brazil

266.        What do the “Paduvalapalya” and “Tenku tittu” belong to?
A.            Kathak Kali
B.             Yakshagana
C.             Bharatnatyam
D.            Mohiniattam

267.        Out of the following magazines which ones have been published by Mahatma Gandhi:
1) Young India
2) Indian Opinion
3)            Satyagrah
4)            Harijan
5)            Navajivan
A. 1,2,3 & 4
B. 1,2,4 & 5
C. 2,3,4 & 5
D. 3,4 & 5

268.        Which country won the Asia Hockey Cup 2013?
A. China
B. India
C. South Korea
D. Pakistan

269.        Out of the following which ones is an example of Invisible Trade:
1)            Consulting
2)            Income from Foreign investment
3)            Shipping services
4)            Tourism
A. 1,2 & 3
B. 2,3 & 4
C. 1,3 & 4
D. 1,2,3 & 4

270.        To which country did India given an economic aid of Rs5000 crore as an economic stimulus package?
A.            Bhutan
B.             Bangladesh
C.             Nepal
D.            Myanmar

271.        Which Indian state or union territory has the highest per capita income in the country?
A.            New Delhi
B.             Haryana
C.             Punjab
D.            Goa

272.        Which of the following industries is not a core industry?
A.            Textile
B.             Coal
C.             Fertilizer
D.            Cement

273.        Keratoplasty is the term used for the corrective surgery on which organ of the body?
A.            Spinal cord
B.             Hair
C.             Throat
D.            Cornea

274.        The catalytic development program (CDP) is being implemented by the government of India for which of the following sectors?
A.            Sericulture
B.             Plantation crops
C.             Horticulture
D.            Animal husbandry

275.        Where have been the Rakhine state riots, which are a series of conflicts between Buddhists and Muslims taking place?
A.            Pakistan
B.             Indonesia
C.             Sri Lanka
D.            Myanmar

276.        The Reserve Bank of India has opened a fore swap window with which oil companies in order to meet the daily dollar requirement?
A.            IOC
B.             HPCL
C.             BPCL
D.            All of the above

277.        Which of the following greenhouse gases does Kyoto Protocol aim to mitigate:
1) Carbon dioxide
2) Methane
3) Sulfur hexafluoride
4) Nitrous oxide
A.            1,2 & 3
B.             2,3 & 4
C.             3 & 4
D.            1,2,3 & 4

278.        Who were the winners of the first Indian Badminton League?
A.            Hyderabad Hotshots
B.             Mumbai Masters
C.             Lucknow Warriors
D.            Pune Pinstons

279.        India has an observer status in which of the following organizations?
A.            CERN
B.             World Trade Organization
C.             None of the above
D.            All of the above

280.        Which company has launched the World’s first Clinically proven conjugate typhoid vaccine “TYPBAR-TCV”?
A.            Cipla
B.             Lupin
C.             Bharat Biotech
D.            Dr Reddy’s

281.        Who is the current president of the European Commission?
A.            Jean-Claude Juncker
B.             Jose Manuel Barroso
C.             Martin Schulz
D.            None of the above

282.        Noble Laureate Seamus Heany was a famous poet of which country?
A.            Canada
B.             Ireland
C.             Norway
D.            Switzerland
283.        The idea of setting up Bullion Bank of Bullion Corporation of India was mooted by which committee?
A.            Urjit Patel Committee
B.             Rao committee
C.             Maya Ram Committee
D.            Damodran Committee

284.        With which of the following sports/events would one associate India’s Geeta Phogat with?
A.            Shooting
B.             High Jump
C.             Wrestling
D.            Chess

285.        The Defense project of India – “Fifth-Generation fighter plane (FGFP)” is the largest joint venture with which country?
A.            Japan
B.             China
C.             Russia
D.            USA

286.        Name the city in which China launched its first pilot carbon emissions trading system?
A.            Beijing
B.             Shanghai
C.             Shenzhen
D.            Guangzhou

287.        At what rank did Taj Mahal stood in the list of top 25 landmarks, according to Trip Advisor’s 2013 Travellers Choice Attractions Awards.
A.            Second
B.             First
C.             Third
D.            Fourth

288.        The first Mutual funds in India was created in?
A.            1954
B.             1964
C.             1967
D.            1980

289.        Name the Sun observing satellite launched by NASA?
A.            IRIS
B.             Crusader
C.             Corona
D.            Sunset

290.        In which one of the following place has Tata Coffee, the largest plantation company of Asia, inaugurated the premium extraction plant?
A.            Karnataka
B.             Tamil Nadu
C.             Kerala
D.            West Bengal

291.        Where will be the Desiccant Enhanced System or the Devap air cooling system be used for the first time in India?
A.            Nalanda International University
B.             Annamalai University
C.             Rastrapati Bhavan
D.            Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

292.        How many Biosphere reserves in India are reserved by UNESCO Man and Biosphere (MAB) programme?
A.            Six
B.             Five
C.             Nine
D.            Ten

293.        According to the ratings and analytics firm CRISIL, which of the following States/Union Territories topped the list of new index on financial inclusion?
A.            Kerala
B.             Puducherry
C.             Chandigarh
D.            Delhi

294.        For which country has Elbegdorj Tsakhia been elected as President?
A.            Mongolia
B.             Namibia
C.             Kenya
D.            Nigeria

295.        What causes Citrus greening, a deadly disease of citrus?
A.            Fungi
B.             Virus
C.             Bacteria
D.            Nutrient deficiency

296.        ISRO’s Mars Orbiter Mission is partnered by which of the following space agency?
A.            NASA
B.             European space agency
C.             Russian Space agency
D.            French space agency

297.        Name the car that has entered the Guinness World Records for driving on a longest journey?
A.            Nano
B.             Swift
C.             Alto
D.            Ford

298.        “Mukhyamantri BijliBachat Lamp Yojna” for energy conservation has been launched in which state?
A.            Rajasthan
B.             Uttar Pradesh
C.             Jharkhand
D.            Punjab

299.        At what position is India ranked as most attractive destination for investment in the world, according to recent survey conducted by UNCTAD?
A.            Second
B.             Third
C.             Fourth
D.            Fifth

300.        Who has been awarded M S Swaminathan award for Leadership in Agriculture-2013?
A.            Ayyappan
B. William Dar
C.             Chengappa
D.            Vishwanathan


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