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GK Questions & Answers in Hindi PDF Download For SSC Railway 101 TO 150

GK Questions & Answers in Hindi PDF Download For SSC Railway 101 TO 150
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101.        Helina helicopter is an upgraded version of which Indian missile?
A.            Agni
B.             Prithvi
C.             Akash
D.            Nag

102.        To which sport is the “Sultan Johor Cup” associated with?
A.            Hockey
B.             Cricket
C.             Wrestling
D.            Polo

103.        What is the code name for the joint military exercise, which is carried between the armies of India and Nepal?
A.            Surya Kiran
B.             Indra Kiran
C.             Surya Shakti
D.            None of the above

104.        Which Chinese politician was sentenced to jail regarding corruption charges against him?
A.            Tsai Tsong Po
B. Zhou Yongkhang
C. Bo Xilai
D. Jio Xing

105.        For the youth belonging to which sector of the Indian society has the government launched the development scheme by the name of Seekho and Kamao?
A.            Scheduled Caste
B.             Scheduled Tribe
C.             Backward Classes
D.            Minority communities.

106.        Which tiger reserve is located in the state of Madhya Pradesh?
A.            Bandhavgarh
B.             Bori-Satpur
C.             Sanjaya Dubri
D.            All of the above

107.        Who is currently serving as the chairperson for the International Coffee Council?
A.            Jawaid Akhtar
B.             Sayeed Ibrahim
C.             Naveen Kochar
D.            Shafiq Uddin

108.        The “London Whale” scandal is related to which foreign bank?
A.            J.P. Morgan
B.             Fulton Financial
C.             Citigroup
D.            U.S. Bancorp

109.        Which African country is not a member of the African Union?
A.            Algeria
B.             Nigeria
C.             Morocco
D.            Libya

110.        Who is currently serving as the Chairman of “National Commission for Backward Classes”?
A.            Justice V Eswaraiah
B.             Shri A.K. Saini
C.             Dr. Shakeel uz-Zaman Ansari
D.            Justice M.N. Rao

111.        With which country does India carry out the biennial Naval Exercise named ‘Naseem Al Bahr’?
A.            Saudi Arabia
B.             Oman
C.             Qatar
D.            Iran

112.        Who are the members of the National Integration Council (NIC) of India?
A.            Union Members
B.             Leaders of Opposition in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha
C.             Chief Ministers of all states and UT’s with legislatures
D.            All of the above

113.        The Emmy Awards are given for recognition in which entertainment industry?
A.            Music
B.             Television
C.             Movies
D.            News

114.        Out of the listed Indian power projects, with which ones does Pakistan have a problem with:
1)            Ratle
2)            Lower Kalnai
3)            Miyar Nallah Pakaldul

A. 1 & 2
B. 2 & 3
C. 3& 4
D. 1, 2, 3 & 4

115.        To which German Political Party does Angela Merkel belong to?
A. Christian Democratic Union
B. Social Democratic Party
C. Christian Social Union
D. Free Democratic Party

116.        Which hill station is located in the Kumaon range?
A. Almora
B. Udagamandalam
C. Yercaud
D. Kodaikanal

117.        In which Indian state has the “Mainline Electrical Multiple Unit” (MEMU) Coach factory has come up?
A. Rajasthan
B. Gujarat
C. Maharashtra
D. West Bengal

118.        In which city has the government decided to set up an “Information Technology Investment Region”?
A. Bangalore
B. Pune
C. Hyderabad
D. Mumbai

119.        From which country’s firm did India place a 1,900 crore worth of an order for Dhruv, Indigenous advanced light helicopter?
A.            France
B.             Sweden
C.             Russia
D.            Japan

120.        Out of the following states which states are a home to the Rhino:
1)            Assam
2)            West Bengal
3)            Bihar
4)            Uttar Pradesh

B.             1 & 3
C.             1,3 & 4
D.            2,3 & 4
E.             1,2,3 & 4

121.        Who is the Chairman of the National Commission for Minorities?
A.            Naseem Ahmad
B.             Wajahat Habibdullah
C.             Ajaib Singh
D.            K N Daruwala

122.        On which day is the World Alzheimer’s Day observed?
A.            19th September
B.             20th September
C.             21st September
D.            22nd September

123.        Mahilabad, which is a place in Uttar Pradesh, is renowned in the world for which fruit?
A.            Mangoes
B.             Litchis
C.             Bananas
D.            Oranges

124.        Which company got permission by the Union government to set up a refinery-cum-petrochemical complex in the state of Rajasthan?
A.            HPCL
B.             ONGC
C.             Reliance
D.            IOC

125.        Which two countries the “Luzon Strait” has separated?
A.            Taiwan and Philippines
B.             China and Japan
C.             Singapore and Malaysia
D.            None of the above

126.        Which Indian cricketer became the first ambassador for the Border Security Forces?
A.            Sachin Tendulkar
B.             Virat Kohli
C.             Ajay Jadeja
D.            M S Dhoni

127.        Which European country is known as the ‘Playground for Europe’?
A.            Turkey
B.             Switzerland
C.             Germany
D.            France

128.        Which film was awarded the best film award in the Ladakh International Film Festival?
A.            The Virgin Arguments (Kaafiron ki Namaz)
B.             White Van stories
C. The Home Coming
D.            Villari

129.        Which IT company launched the Finacle 11E, which is an advanced universal banking solution to simplify banking transformation?
A.            HCL
B.             Infosys
C.             IBM
D.            TCS

130.        Which Asian nation received the status of an ‘authorizing nation’ by the International Common Criterion Recognition Arrangement to test and certify electronic and IT products?
A.            India
B.             China
C.             Pakistan
D.            Sri Lanka

131.        Which technology giant has set up Calico, which is an independent research and biotech company?
A.            Yahoo
B.             Google
C.             Rediff
D.            None of the above

132.        In which state has the Sipat Thermal Power Plant been set up?
A.            Chhattisgarh
B.             West Bengal
C.             Gujarat
D.            Rajasthan

133.        In 2013, which world heritage site of India did UNESCO restore to its former glory?
A. Humayun’s Tomb
B. Lal Qila
C. Jama Masjid
D. Old Fort

134.        To which Indian state is the Murrah buffalo breed indigenous to?
A.            Maharashtra
B.             Punjab
C.             Uttar Pradesh
D.            Haryana

135.        Who was awarded the ‘Policy Leadership award 2015’ in agriculture?
A.            Oman Chandi
B.             Narendera Modi
C.             MS Swaminath Research Foundation
D.            None of the above

136.        According to the Reserve Bank of India in which centers are now domestic scheduled commercial banks allowed to open their branches without the permission of the Reserve Bank of India?
A.            Tier I
B.             Tier II
C.             Tier III
D.            Tier IV

137.        For under what amount of hydroelectric power generation is the term Pico Hydro is used?
A.            10-50-kw
B.             5-10 kw
C.             50-80 kw
D.            0-5kw

138.        With which Airline Company has the Tata group set up a full-service airline in India?
A.            Qatar Airlines
B.             Singapore Airlines
C.             Malaysian Airlines
D.            Lufthansa

139.        Till what age does the ‘National Early Childhood Care and Education’ (ECCE) Policy aim to promote optimal development and active learning capacity of children?
A.            Five
B.             Six
C.             Ten
D.            Twelve

140.        Term ‘Muzzle’ is associated with which sport?
A.            Shooting
B.             Football
C.             Hockey
D.            Badminton

141.        Food irradiation technology uses which of the following rays or beams:
1) X-Rays
2) Gama Rays
3) Electron beams
4) Infrared rays
A.            1 & 3
B.             1 & 2
C.             2 & 4
D.            1,2 & 3

142.        Which statement holds true regarding the ‘Direct Bank’ system?
A. It is a bank without any branch network and offers its services via online banking and telephone banking.
B. Most direct banks offer only online service accounts and these banks typically offer higher interests rate.
C. All of the above
D. None of the above

143.        Which country’s senate approved the ban on beauty pageants for children below 16 years in September 2013?
A.            France
B.             Russia
C.             United States of America
D.            Canada

144.        Which is the modern method for the production of synthetic petrol?
A.            Bessemer Process
B.             Fischer-Tropsch Process
C.             Bergius Process
D.            None of the above

145.        ‘Fatma Ben Guefrache’ who was the last Miss Muslimah world title, belongs to which country?
A.            Tunisia
B.             Nigeria
C.             India
D.            France

146.        Which other planet on the solar system apart from the Earth has deserts which have been identified?
A.            Mars
B.             Mercury
C.             Venus
D.            Jupiter

147.        Which of the following committees is related to the Panchayati Raj system?
A.            GVK Rao Committee
B.             Ashok Mehta Committee
C.             Balwant Rai Mehta Committee
D.            All of the above

148.        What was the theme of the International Day for Preservation of the Ozone layer 2015?
A.            Save Earth
B.             Ozone safety future safety
C.             30 years of healing the ozone together: All that is between you and UV
D.            Ozone lets save it

149.        Golden rice is a forfeited rice, to be grown in areas which have a deficiency in which vitamin?
A.            Vitamin A
B.             Vitamin B
C.             Vitamin C
D.            Vitamin D

150.        What is the name of the first Urdu law dictionary?
A.            Shahadat-e-Hindi
B.             Kanoon Lugat
C.             Taziraat Lugat
D.            None of the above


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