13 April 2018

GK Questions & Answers in Hindi PDF Download For SSC Railway 251 TO 300

GK Questions & Answers in Hindi PDF Download For SSC Railway 251 TO 300
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251.        Which country is the only significant country in East Mediterranean to produce Crude Oil?

A.            Syria
B.             Jordan
C.             Lebanon
D.            Gaza

252.        On which law does the system of a Refrigerator work?
A.            Charles Law
B.             Boyle’s Law
C.             First law of thermodynamics
D.            Second law of thermodynamics

253.        Which country is backing action against Syria for its alleged use of chemical weapons on civilians?
A.            United States
B.             France
C.             Germany
D.            All of the above

254.        Which Asian country has reserved seats for Hindu and Sikh citizen representatives in its lower house of the Parliament?
A.            Afghanistan
B.             Kazakhstan
C.             Nepal
D.            Bhutan

255.        Which Indian city will be the first city to have a monorail route?
A.            Bangalore
B.             New Delhi
C.             Mumbai
D.            Hyderabad

256.        Out of the following measures which ones are taken by the Reserve bank of India in order to shore up the currency?
1) Issue of Quasi-sovereign bonds
2) Hiking the import duty on gold and silver
3) Tightening of liquidity
4) Liberalization of bank deposit schemes
A.            1,2 & 4
B.             2,3 & 4
C.             1,3 & 4
D.            1,2,3 & 4

257.        Which internet giant has closed down its news and community services in China?
A.            Google
B.             Yahoo
C.             MSN
D.            Rediff

258.        Out of the following which ones are a music gharana in India:
1)            Gwalior
2)            Patiala
3)            Shimla
4)            Jaipur
5)            Agra
A. 1,2,3 & 4
B. 1,2,4 & 5
C. 1,2,3,4 & 5
D. 2,3,4 & 5

259.        A heritage portal was launched dedicated to which national leader?
A.            Jawarlal Nehru
B.             Vallab Bhai Patel
C.             Mahatma Gandhi
D.            Dr. Rajendera Prasad

260.        What type of virus is Human Papillomavirus?
A.            DNA Virus
B.             RNA virus
C.             RNA-RT virus
D.            DNA-RT virus

261.        Which city is also known as the Weaver city in India?
A.            Srinagar
B.             Panipat
C.             Patiala
D.            Gurgaon

262.        With which country has India set up an additional expert group on Humanitarian Mine action?
A.            China
B.             Australia
C.             Vietnam
D. South Korea

263.        Out of the following diseases which ones are caused by a virus?
A.            Chickenpox
B.             SARS
C.             Influenza
D.            All of the above

264.        Which statement holds true about the Prime Minister’s Relief fund?
A.            It is a private body and not a government entity
B.             Any contribution is exempted from income tax
C.             Audited by an independent firm outside the government
D.            All of the above

265.        To which country does Diana Nyad belong to, who became the first swimmer to swim from Cuba to Florida?
A.            France
B.             India
C.             USA
D.            Brazil

266.        What do the “Paduvalapalya” and “Tenku tittu” belong to?
A.            Kathak Kali
B.             Yakshagana
C.             Bharatnatyam
D.            Mohiniattam

267.        Out of the following magazines which ones have been published by Mahatma Gandhi:
1) Young India
2) Indian Opinion
3)            Satyagrah
4)            Harijan
5)            Navajivan
A. 1,2,3 & 4
B. 1,2,4 & 5
C. 2,3,4 & 5
D. 3,4 & 5

268.        Which country won the Asia Hockey Cup 2013?
A. China
B. India
C. South Korea
D. Pakistan

269.        Out of the following which ones is an example of Invisible Trade:
1)            Consulting
2)            Income from Foreign investment
3)            Shipping services
4)            Tourism
A. 1,2 & 3
B. 2,3 & 4
C. 1,3 & 4
D. 1,2,3 & 4

270.        To which country did India given an economic aid of Rs5000 crore as an economic stimulus package?
A.            Bhutan
B.             Bangladesh
C.             Nepal
D.            Myanmar

271.        Which Indian state or union territory has the highest per capita income in the country?
A.            New Delhi
B.             Haryana
C.             Punjab
D.            Goa

272.        Which of the following industries is not a core industry?
A.            Textile
B.             Coal
C.             Fertilizer
D.            Cement

273.        Keratoplasty is the term used for the corrective surgery on which organ of the body?
A.            Spinal cord
B.             Hair
C.             Throat
D.            Cornea

274.        The catalytic development program (CDP) is being implemented by the government of India for which of the following sectors?
A.            Sericulture
B.             Plantation crops
C.             Horticulture
D.            Animal husbandry

275.        Where have been the Rakhine state riots, which are a series of conflicts between Buddhists and Muslims taking place?
A.            Pakistan
B.             Indonesia
C.             Sri Lanka
D.            Myanmar

276.        The Reserve Bank of India has opened a fore swap window with which oil companies in order to meet the daily dollar requirement?
A.            IOC
B.             HPCL
C.             BPCL
D.            All of the above

277.        Which of the following greenhouse gases does Kyoto Protocol aim to mitigate:
1) Carbon dioxide
2) Methane
3) Sulfur hexafluoride
4) Nitrous oxide
A.            1,2 & 3
B.             2,3 & 4
C.             3 & 4
D.            1,2,3 & 4

278.        Who were the winners of the first Indian Badminton League?
A.            Hyderabad Hotshots
B.             Mumbai Masters
C.             Lucknow Warriors
D.            Pune Pinstons

279.        India has an observer status in which of the following organizations?
A.            CERN
B.             World Trade Organization
C.             None of the above
D.            All of the above

280.        Which company has launched the World’s first Clinically proven conjugate typhoid vaccine “TYPBAR-TCV”?
A.            Cipla
B.             Lupin
C.             Bharat Biotech
D.            Dr Reddy’s

281.        Who is the current president of the European Commission?
A.            Jean-Claude Juncker
B.             Jose Manuel Barroso
C.             Martin Schulz
D.            None of the above

282.        Noble Laureate Seamus Heany was a famous poet of which country?
A.            Canada
B.             Ireland
C.             Norway
D.            Switzerland
283.        The idea of setting up Bullion Bank of Bullion Corporation of India was mooted by which committee?
A.            Urjit Patel Committee
B.             Rao committee
C.             Maya Ram Committee
D.            Damodran Committee

284.        With which of the following sports/events would one associate India’s Geeta Phogat with?
A.            Shooting
B.             High Jump
C.             Wrestling
D.            Chess

285.        The Defense project of India – “Fifth-Generation fighter plane (FGFP)” is the largest joint venture with which country?
A.            Japan
B.             China
C.             Russia
D.            USA

286.        Name the city in which China launched its first pilot carbon emissions trading system?
A.            Beijing
B.             Shanghai
C.             Shenzhen
D.            Guangzhou

287.        At what rank did Taj Mahal stood in the list of top 25 landmarks, according to Trip Advisor’s 2013 Travellers Choice Attractions Awards.
A.            Second
B.             First
C.             Third
D.            Fourth

288.        The first Mutual funds in India was created in?
A.            1954
B.             1964
C.             1967
D.            1980

289.        Name the Sun observing satellite launched by NASA?
A.            IRIS
B.             Crusader
C.             Corona
D.            Sunset

290.        In which one of the following place has Tata Coffee, the largest plantation company of Asia, inaugurated the premium extraction plant?
A.            Karnataka
B.             Tamil Nadu
C.             Kerala
D.            West Bengal

291.        Where will be the Desiccant Enhanced System or the Devap air cooling system be used for the first time in India?
A.            Nalanda International University
B.             Annamalai University
C.             Rastrapati Bhavan
D.            Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

292.        How many Biosphere reserves in India are reserved by UNESCO Man and Biosphere (MAB) programme?
A.            Six
B.             Five
C.             Nine
D.            Ten

293.        According to the ratings and analytics firm CRISIL, which of the following States/Union Territories topped the list of new index on financial inclusion?
A.            Kerala
B.             Puducherry
C.             Chandigarh
D.            Delhi

294.        For which country has Elbegdorj Tsakhia been elected as President?
A.            Mongolia
B.             Namibia
C.             Kenya
D.            Nigeria

295.        What causes Citrus greening, a deadly disease of citrus?
A.            Fungi
B.             Virus
C.             Bacteria
D.            Nutrient deficiency

296.        ISRO’s Mars Orbiter Mission is partnered by which of the following space agency?
A.            NASA
B.             European space agency
C.             Russian Space agency
D.            French space agency

297.        Name the car that has entered the Guinness World Records for driving on a longest journey?
A.            Nano
B.             Swift
C.             Alto
D.            Ford

298.        “Mukhyamantri BijliBachat Lamp Yojna” for energy conservation has been launched in which state?
A.            Rajasthan
B.             Uttar Pradesh
C.             Jharkhand
D.            Punjab

299.        At what position is India ranked as most attractive destination for investment in the world, according to recent survey conducted by UNCTAD?
A.            Second
B.             Third
C.             Fourth
D.            Fifth

300.        Who has been awarded M S Swaminathan award for Leadership in Agriculture-2013?
A.            Ayyappan
B. William Dar
C.             Chengappa
D.            Vishwanathan

GK Questions & Answers in Hindi PDF Download For SSC Railway 201 TO 250

GK Questions & Answers in Hindi PDF Download For SSC Railway 201 TO 250
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201.        Which country has not been correctly matched with its country?

A.            Albania – Lek
B.             Cambodia – Riel
C.             Ethiopia – Birr
D.            Finland – Dalasi

202.        Who is the author of the book, ‘India and Malaysia: Intertwined strands’?
A.            Naveen Banopadhya
B.             Sushma Singh
C.             Veena Sikri
D.            Ravichand Nayak

203.        What is the major objective of the proposed “Rajiv Rinn Yojana”?
A.            Health Insurance to farmers
B. Interest subsidy schemes for housing and urban poor
C. Credit facility for street vendors
D. Making India slum free

204.        Who became the youngest pilot to fly across the world on a single engine air craft in September 2013?
A.            William Campbell
B.             Steve Thompson
C.             Ryan Campbell
D.            Jack Wiegand

205.        What is Blood doping used for?
A.            Increase White blood Cells
B.             Increase Red Blood Cells
C.             Decrease Platelets
D.            Decrease Hemoglobin

206.        Which chemical present in rice including Basmati variety of India raised international concern?
A.            Zinc
B.             Cadmium
C.             Mercury
D.            Arsenic

207.        In which state is the ‘Harike Wildlife Sanctuary’ located?
A.            Haryana
B.             Rajasthan
C.             Punjab
D.            Kerala

208.        What is the next version of Android operation system called?
A.            Kitkat
B.             Lollipop
C.             Marshmallow
D.            Jelly bean

209.        Who is the chairman of the ‘National Ganga River Basin Authority’?
A.            Home Minister
B.             Prime Minister
C.             President
D.            Vice-President

210.        Who among the following has won the Italian Grand Prix Championship 2015?
A.            Lewis Hamilton
B.             Sebastian Vettel
C.             Narayan Kartiken
D.            Mark Webber

211.        Who has been named as South Africa’s cricketer of the year?
A.            Hashim Amla
B.             AB De Villiers’
C.             Jacque Kallis
D.            Dale Steyn

212.        Who is the Prime Minister of Australia?
A.            Kevin Rudd
B.             Julia Gillard
C.             Tony Abbott’s
D.            Stephen Smith

213.        Which of the following cities will host the 2020 Olympic Games?
A.            Madrid
B.             Tokyo
C.             Istanbul
D.            Durban

214.        Who appoints the Banking Ombudsman in India?
A.            Finance Minister
B. Reserve bank of India
C. Government of India
D. Supreme Court

215.        What cannot contract a virus to a computer?
A.            CD
B.             USB
C.             Scanner
D.            E-mail

216.        Who has won the Women’s single Title in the US open Tennis Championship 2015?
A.            Venus Williams
B.             Serena Williams
C.             Victoria Azarenka
D.            Sania Mirza

217.        Which part of the eye is transplanted in eye donation?
A.            Iris
B.             Lens
C.             Retina
D.            Cornea

218.        With which country would you associate the ‘Kurdistan Workers Party’?
A.            Vietnam
B.             Turkey
C.             Kenya
D.            China

219.        Which of the following games have been reinstated by the International Olympic committee for Olympics 2020?
A.            Polo
B.             Wrestling
C.             Cricket
D.            Baseball

220.        UNESCO has declared which of the following days as International Literacy Day?
A.            September 5
B.             September 7
C.             September 8
D.            September 9

221.        Which of the following countries are not party to the Statute of International Criminal Court:
1) India
2) China
3) United States
4) Israel
A.            1 & 2
B.             2 & 4
C.             1 & 3
D.            1,2,3 & 4

222.        Which is the first Non-African country to be found among the World’s poorest nations?
A.            Malaysia
B.             Kazakhstan
C.             Indonesia
D.            Afghanistan

223.        Which Rail Coach factory received Par Excellence award from the Quality circle Forum of India?
A.            Kapurthala
B.             Karkapur
C.             Bhatinda
D.            Raibareli

224.        Which state is the largest producer of Limestone in India?
A.            Chattisgarh
B.             Rajasthan
C.             Madhya Pradesh
D.            All of the above

225.        Who among the following are eligible to acquire shares on stock exchange in compliance with FEMA regulations?
A.            Foreign Institutional Investors
B.             Qualified Foreign Institutions
C.             Non-Resident Indians
D.            All of the above

226.        According to the Reserve Bank of India, what amount of Indian rupee can an individual carry while travelling abroad?
A.            10,000
B.             20,000
C.             30,000
D.            40,000

227.        In which ocean is the Diego Garcia Island located?
A.            Indian Ocean
B.             Pacific Ocean
C.             Atlantic Ocean
D.            Arctic Ocean

228.        Which state has the highest literacy rate in India?
A.            Kerala
B.             Tripura
C.             Assam
D.            Sikkim

229.        In which field is Zubin Mehta well known?
A.            Music
B.             Theatre
C.             Science
D.            Journalism

230.        Which of the following statements is correct about the Chief Information Commissioner (CIC) of India?
A.            CIC of India is appointed for a 5 year term or till he or she attains the age of 65 years
B.             CIC is eligible for re-appointment
C.             Salary of CIC is the same as the Chief Justice of India.
D.            All of the above

231.        Which was the first private sector bank to launch a ‘Branch on Wheels Drive’?
A.            Axis Bank
B.             Federal bank
C.             Citi Bank
D.            ICICI Bank

232.        Which of the following countries passed a law to end the system of secret voting in the national legislature?
A.            Britain
B.             France
C.             Brazil
D.            India

233.        Who won the UEFA best player in Europe award in the year 2014-15?
A.            Lionel Messi
B.             Christiano Ronaldo
C. Eden Hazard
D. Franck Ribery

234.        How much percent FDI in pension sector is allowed by the Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) Bill 2013?
A.            47%
B.             48%
C.             48%
D.            100%

235.        The nation’s first geo-thermal power project ‘Tatapani’ is situated in which state?
A.            Andhra Pradesh
B.             Himachal Pradesh
C.             Uttar Pradesh
D.            Chhattisgarh

236.        Under which ocean will you find the largest volcano in the earth and one of the largest in the entire solar system?
A.            Arctic Ocean
B.             Southern Ocean
C.             Indian Ocean
D.            Pacific Ocean

237.        On which day is the International Day of Charity observed?
A.            September 3
B.             September 4
C.             September 5
D.            September 6

238.        Who has been appointed as the Chief Information Commissioner of India?
A.            Mrs Deepak Sandhu
B. Mrs Sushma Singh
C. Mr. Vijai Sharma
D. Mr Rajeev Mathur

239.        Who headed the committee set up by the Reserve Bank of India Governor Raghuram Rajan in order to screen the applicants for new Bank licenses?
A.            Urjit Patel
B.             Bimal Jalan
C.             Shamla Gopinath
D.            D. Suburao

240.        Which of the following nations drafted the Syria war Resolution permitting military action against the Bashar Al-Assad Regime?
A.            Russia
B.             France
C.             Germany
D.            USA

241.        What is NASA’s new space craft to moon called?
A.            LADEE
B.             Apollo 20
C.             EDT
D.            Lunar 2

242.        Which sport is not included in the Olympics currently?
A.            Baseball
B.             Polo
C.             None of the above
D.            All of the above

243.        Which Indian Prime Minister wasn’t a recipient of the Bharat Ratna Award?
A.            P V Narsimah Rao
B. Indira Gandhi
C. Manmohan Singh
D. Jawaharlal Nehru

244.        Nokia device and services was bought by which company?
A.            IBM
B.             Infosys
C.             Apple
D.            Microsoft

245.        What is the word used to refer to ‘Perfect Knowledge’ in Jainism?
A.            Jina
B.             Kaivalya
C.             Brahman
D.            Nirvana

246.        Which Asian country holds the World’s largest foreign exchange reserves?
A.            China
B.             India
C.             Russia
D.            North Korea

247.        Who publishes the Global Competitiveness Report?
A.            World Bank
B.             UNESCO
C.             World Economic Forum
D.            IMF

248.        What is the stand of India in the production of Coffee in the world?
A.            First
B.             Third
C.             Fifth
D.            Seventh

249.        Which gases are used in the Modified Atmospheric Packaging of Food Products?
A.            Oxygen
B.             Carbon Dioxide
C.             Nitrogen
D.            All of the above

250.        Which city is the home to Europe’s largest public library?
A.            London
B.             Paris
C.             Birmingham
D.            Manchester

GK Questions & Answers in Hindi PDF Download For SSC Railway 151 TO 200

GK Questions & Answers in Hindi PDF Download For SSC Railway 151 TO 200
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151.        According to the New Pension Scheme, what percentage of pension wealth is the subscriber required to invest in order to purchase an annuity?

A.            20%
B.             30%
C.             40%
D.            50%

152.        Which country has decided not to supply weapons to Pakistan?
A.            Israel
B.             Iraq
C.             Russia
D.            USA

153.        In which country is the volcano Mount Sinabung located?
A.            Japan
B.             Indonesia
C.             China
D.            India

154.        In 2014, with which country did India observe, ‘Year of Friendly Exchanges’?
A.            Pakistan
B.             Bhutan
C.             Bangladesh
D.            China

155.        Which Asian country tested the cheaper rocket ‘Epsilon’?
A.            China
B.             North Korea
C.             Japan
D.            Taiwan

156.        Basins of out of the following major rivers have shale gas potential:
1) Krishna Godavari
2) Damodar
3) Indo Gangetic
4) Cauvery
A.            1 & 2
B.             1,3& 4
C. 2 & 4
D. 1,2,3 & 4

157.        Rajaji National Park which is Tiger Reserve is located in which state?
A.            Haryana
B.             Uttarakhand
C.             Uttar Pradesh
D.            Assam

158.        What was the code name given to the operation which was carried out to annex the princely state of Hyderabad?
A.            Operation Nizam
B.             Operation Vijay
C.             Operation Polo
D.            Operation Bluestar

159.        Who became the first Indian-origin contestant to win the Miss America Pageant?
A.            Nina Davuluri
B.             Theresa Vali
C.             Mallory Hagan
D.            Priya Hassan

160.        According to the annual Forbes list of Wealthiest people, who is the wealthiest man in America in 2015?
A.            Charles Koch
B.             Warren Buffett
C.             Bill Gates
D.            Larry Ellison

161.        Which European country has made the commitment to financially and technically assist India for the Green Energy Corridor?
A.            France
B.             Germany
C.             Austria
D.            Italy

162.        In which Desert is the Death Valley located?
A.            Kalahari
B.             Mojave
C.             Sahara
D.            Thar

163.        Out of the following countries:
1)            UAE
2)            Bahrain
3)            Saudi Arabia
4)            Oman
5)            Iraq

Which countries are referred to as the Gulf Cooperation Council States?
A. 1,2 &3
B. 1,2,3 & 4
C. 2,3,4 & 5
D. 3,4 & 5

164.        Which is the largest cultivable crop in India?
A.            Wheat
B.             Soyabean
C.             Barley
D.            Paddy

165.        Out of the following entities which ones make up the System of Shadow Banking in India:
1) Hedge Fund
2) Structured Investment vehicles
3) Money market funds
4) Special purpose entities conduits
A.            1 & 3
B.             2,3 & 4
C. 1,2,3 & 4
D. 1,2 & 4

166.        Which planet of the solar system is known as the ‘Lord of Heaven’?
A.            Earth
B.             Jupiter
C.             Saturn
D.            Uranus

167.        What is the name of the Indian woman who has been declared as the tallest woman in the world?
A.            Siddiqa Praveen
B.             Jyoti Agme
C.             Rupa Amte
D.            Meena Sundar

168.        Which is the world’s second most populous mega city?
A.            New Delhi
B.             Kolkata
C.             Mumbai
D.            Bangalore

169.        What is the economy growth of India for 2015-16, as per the Prime Minister’s economy advisory panel?
A.            6 %
B.             7 %
C.             7.5 %
D.            8 %

170.        Which is the first ever country in the world to possess a Deep-ultraviolet (DUV) solid state laser device technology?
A.            United States of America
B.             Russia
C.             China
D.            Japan

171.        According to the rules of SEBI, who among the following can invest in government securities without any auction mechanism?
1) Foreign Institutional investors
2) Qualified foreign investors
3) Overseas Indian citizens
4) Non-resident Indians
A.            1 & 2
B.             2 & 3
C.             3 & 4
D.            1 & 3

172.        Who established the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought?
A.            United Nations
B.             European Parliament
C.             PETA
D.            UNICEF

173.        Who is the current Director General of World Trade Organization (WTO)?
A.            Roberto Azevedo
B.             Pascal Lami
C.             Harry White
D.            None of the above

174.        In which country is the Kashagan oil field located?
A.            Pakistan
B.             Iraq
C.             Iran
D.            Kazakhstan

175.        Ms Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is the president of which country?
A.            Liberia
B.             Canada
C.             China
D.            Nigeria

176.        Which committee was formed in order to examine the recommendations made by the TRAI on pricing of spectrum?
A.            Narsima Rao Committee
B.             Anil Kaushal Committee
C.             Rajiv Shukla Committee
D.            Mayur Patel Committee

177.        Which university became the first university to develop a vaccine against MERS virus?
A.            University of Hong Kong
B.             University of Delhi
C.             University of California
D.            University of Madrid

178.        Which country is currently occupying the number spot in the FIFA ranking?
A.            Spain
B.             England
C.             Belgium
D.            Portugal

179.        Which Indian Freedom Fighter was posthumously awarded the ‘Life Time Achievement Award’ by UK’s House of Commons?
A.            Bijoy Chandra Bhagwati
B.             Kunj Bihari Lal Butail
C.             Jawaharlal Darda
D.            None of the above

180.        In which Indian states has a Regional Rural Bank not yet been established?
A.            Goa
B.             Sikkim
C.             All of the above
D.            None of the above

181.        In which Indian city is the Center for Excellence and Ethics has been set up?
A.            New Delhi
B.             Jaipur
C.             Pune
D.            Ajmer

182.        Out of the following counties, which countries are permanent members of the Arctic Council:
1) China
2) France
3) India
4) Poland
A.            1 & 2
B.             1,2 & 3
C.             1,2,3 & 4
D.            1,3 & 4

183.        Where is the world’s best fishing ground located?
A.            Continental Shelves
B.             Submarine Trench
C.             Mariana Trench
D.            Abyssal Plain

184.        What is the name of the first human-made object to exit the solar system?
A.            Voyage-1
B.             Voyage-2
C.             Voyage-3
D.            Voyage-4

185.        Who received the first Sree Narayana Guru Global Secular and Peace Award?
A.            M S Dhoni
B.             Shahi Tharoor
C.             Chetan Bhagat
D.            Sachin Tendulkar

186.        Muhammad Yunus, who is a Nobel Laureate and microfinance pioneer and is facing legal action for tax irregularities, belongs to which country?
A.            Nepal
B.             Bhutan
C.             Bangladesh
D.            Pakistan

187.        At the border of which country does India have the multi-use integrated check post, Akhaurah?
A.            Pakistan
B.             China
C.             Bangladesh
D.            Myanmar

188.        According to the Reserve Bank of India, in order to create a central repository on large borrowings how many crores should both the individual and entities have an exposure of?
A.            Five
B.             Six
C.             Eight
D.            Ten

189.        To which school of Indian Philosophy is Acarnga Sutra related to?
A.            Buddhism
B.             Jainism
C.             Vedic Traditions
D.            Carvaka

190.        Which Asian country is giving India financial and technical aid for setting up the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor?
A.            Russia
B.             China
C.             South Korea
D.            Japan

191.        When is the International Day for the Preservation of Ozone observed?
A.            September 16
B.             September 18
C.             September 21
D.            September 24

192.        Which country won the South Asian Football Federation Cup 2015?
A.            China
B.             Pakistan
C.             Japan
D.            India

193.        The power generated by the Kudankulam Nuclear Power plant is shared among which of the following states:
1) Tamil Nadu
2) Karnataka
3) Kerala
4) Maharashtra
 5)           Puducherry
A. 1,2,3 & 5
B. 1,3,4 & 5
C. 1,2,3 & 4
D. 2,3,4 & 5

194.        Out of the following states which states shares its borders with Myanmar:
1)            Arunachal Pradesh
2)            Mizoram
3)            Manipur
4)            Nagaland

A. 1,2 & 3
B. 2,3 & 4
C. 1,2,3 & 4
D. 2 & 4

195.        Who is the President of the International Olympic Committee?
A.            Thomas Bach
B.             Wu Ching Kuo
C.             Philip Craven
D.            Denis Oswald

196.        In the gap of how many years is the South Asian Football Federation (SAFF) cup held?
A.            One
B.             Two
C.             Three
D.            Four

197.        The VM Tipaimukh Project is a controversial project on which river?
A.            Barak
B.             Sutlej
C.             Indus
D.            Godavari

198.        Which is the longest river in the continent of Asia?
A.            Brahmaputra
B.             Yangtze River
C.             Mekong River
D.            Ganga River

199.        Who has been awarded the Global Diversity award in 2015?
A.            Shah Rukh Khan
B.             Amitabh Bachan
C.             Amir Khan
D.            Salman Khan

200.        Which BRICS nation has recorded the highest increase in Ultra-High net worth individuals?
A.            Brazil
B.             Russia
C.             India
D.            China

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